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W2233BP ADS Verification Bundle (Core, HB, CE, VTB Engine)

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Key Features & Specifications

The ADS Verification Bundle (Core, HB, CE, VTB Engine) is recommended for:

  • MMIC Design and Verification (GaAs, GaN, InP, SiGe, ...)
  • RF & Microwave Board Design and Verification
  • RF Mixed-Signal Silicon RFIC Design & Verification


Designers of wireless communications chips, systems or products, using IC, MMIC, or RF Board technology need to design products and systems to simulate typical block specs like IP3, NF, and Gain. They also need to verify chips, systems and products to published wireless standards and evaluate system or product performance to modulated metrics like EVM, BER, or ACPR. Until today, this was very complicated, requiring designers to learn tools and methods outside of their typical competency. What designers need is a simple, virtual “one box tester” that can be used in a preferred design environment, so that designers can validate designs quickly, document realistic RF performance for people who will be integrating their components into systems, and also not have to waste time learning/dealing with other applications.

The ADS Verification Bundle (Core, HB, CE, VTB Engine) works with the LTE, LTE-A, or 802.11ac Verification Test Benches (VTBs) providing the ADS environment and required engines to simulate your designs to wireless standards.

Functionality in this Bundle
Model Number Name Description
W2200BP ADS Core

High-frequency design software, simulation and synthesis package providing tuning, optimization and statistical design support for RF, Microwave, MMIC, or RFIC design flows at the enterprise level.

W2300EP Harmonic Balance Element

Provides analysis of nonlinear circuits excited with multi-tone sources, and extensive, preconfigured simulation setups useful in amplifier, RF, microwave, oscillator and custom circuit designs.

W2301EP Circuit Envelope Element

Provides efficient simulation technique for complex digitally modulated RF signals in addition to templates for designing linearizers, RF Systems, and PLL Systems.

W2381EP VTB Engine Element

The Verification Test Bench (VTB) Engine enables you to simulate pre-defined, standard-compliant test benches and easily validate circuit performance against modulated metrics such as EVM, BER, or ACPR.

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