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V9080B LTE FDD Measurement Application for EXM and EXF

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Supports measurements per 3GPP Release 8/9 (EXM) and through 3GPP Release 10/11 (EXF)
  • One-button, standards-based measurements with pass/fail tests
  • Superior measurement speed for wireless device manufacturing with multiple measurements from a single acquisition using the EXM uplink sequencer
  • Superior measurement speed for femtocell manufacturing with multiple measurements from a single acquisition using the EXF downlink sequencer


  • EXM for user equipment (UE) test: EVM, frequency error, I/Q offset, spectrum flatness, in-band emissions, transmit on/off power, channel power, occupied BW, ACP, and SEM
  • EXF for femtocell test: EVM, frequency error, DL RS Power, time alignment error, RSTP, RSRP, OSTP, SEM, ACLR and more
  • Multiple color-coded result views: EVM vs. subcarrier, EVM vs. symbol, EVM vs. slot, EVM, vs. resources block (RB), detected allocations (subcarrier vs. symbol), error summary table, frame summary table, and more
  • All measurements are available for single carrier (EXM/EXF) and multi-carrier/CA (EXF) with contiguous and non-contiguous allocations as defined by 3GPP

Access features

  • License key upgradeable
  • Fixed and transportable licenses available
  • SCPI remote user interface


The LTE FDD measurement application helps you easily achieve your manufacturing test goals for today’s multi-format devices and femtocells. It quickly performs standards-based measurements for compliance with 3GPP. The EXM's and EXF’s flexible sequencer uses single acquisition multiple measurement (SAMM) techniques to provide high-speed calibration and verification of your devices, modules and femtocells for maximum manufacturing throughput. Should issues arise, multiple color-coded result views help you quickly identify them for quick resolution. Using the LTE FDD measurement application with the EXM or EXF makes it easy to rapidly ramp up and optimize full-volume manufacturing.