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2-port Metrology (Option 210)

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Key Features & Specifications

  • S-parameter measurement uncertainty better than the existing 8510
  • Designed for ultimate raw source and load match
  • Leverages improved dynamic accuracy characterization
  • Specified measurement stability for the PNA platform
  • Available on all versions of the PNA: 13.5, 26.5, 43.5, 50 and 67 GHz
  • Both 2- and 4-port models


The metrology option for the PNA family of network analyzers offers national metrology labs, calibration labs and calibration service providers the ultimate in S-parameter measurement accuracy. The option is based on Keysight’s PNA with a ruggedized test set design that does not include any front panel jumpers. This option optimizes the PNA’s raw source match and load match for high-precision low-loss measurements for coaxial airline reference standards.

The option also employs a technique for accurately characterizing the thermal stability of the PNA, independent of the effects from cables and adapters. This technique provides 48 hours of system stability data that accurately characterizes instrument drift that is stored on the PNA hard drive. This technique can be used to improve the measurement uncertainty of the S-parameters made with this instrument.

The metrology option can also be combined with other standard PNA application options that do not specifically require the front panel jumpers. Options that are not currently available in combination with the metrology option include: Option 028: Noise figure measurements, Option 029: Noise figure measurements, and Option 511: N-port calibrated measurements.