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E4547A Wander Analysis Software

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This product is no longer available

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The Keysight E4547A wander analysis software, combined with the J7231B OmniBER OTN or any of the OmniBER 718/725 jitter analyzers, provides real-time calculation of MTIE, MRTIE and TDEV wander results. Using the OmniBER analyzer to collect TIE result samples, the TIE data is then forwarded over an RS-232 connection to a PC running the E4547A software. The software then calculates the MTIE, MRTIE and TDEV results in real time, presenting these clearly in graphical format. Standard compliant, or user defined, masks can be applied to the results, making interpretation straightforward and fast.

The E4547A wander analysis software is supplied on CD-ROM with accompanying user instructions, and supports Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® 2000, Windows® NT and Windows® XP.