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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

N7908A Advanced Power System - Black Box Recorder


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Add the N7908A black box recorder to any Advanced Power System (APS) N6900A or N7900A supply and record voltage, current, power, trigger events, status bits, and more.

If you are testing expensive prototypes and a power-related problem damages or destroys your DUT, you need to figure out what went wrong to ensure it does not happen again. The APS’ optional N7908A black box recorder (BBR) overcomes this test challenge by creating a power event record inside the power supply. Much like an airplane flight data recorder, the APS black box recorder is always recording events. When the power supply is on, it is always running, recording power events and making measurements in non-volatile memory regardless of what the power supply is doing or how it is being used.

Examples of what the BBR records:

  • Voltage (min, max, and avg), current (min, max, and avg), and power (min, max, and avg)
  • Trigger events
  • Status bits
  • Front panel and commands events
  • User defined tags