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FieldFox is the industry's first and only handheld cable and antenna analyzer with a built-in calibration capability that allows you to calibrate the analyzer without carrying a calibration kit (cal kit) into the field. QuickCal eliminates the need to carry a cal kit and provides worry-free accuracy.

FieldFox's QuickCal supports measurements such as insertion loss/gain, 1-port cable loss, return loss, distance-to-fault and S-parameters. QuickCal corrects for phase shift, time delay, and loss of adapters and jumper cables. It does not require a specific cal kit and is a very simple calibration. An optional load can be used during the QuickCal calibration process to obtain higher accuracy.

If your device under test (DUT) has Type-N or 7/16, male or female connectors, either QuickCal or mechanical cal can be used.

If your DUT has 3.5 mm or SMA male connectors, mechanical cal is recommended. QuickCal can be used, but the accuracy is reduced.

If your DUT has 3.5mm or SMA female or waveguide connectors, use mechanical cal. QuickCal is not applicable.

Mechanical calibration is standard on FieldFox analyzers. QuickCal is optional.

The QuickCal option can be added as product upgrade.