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Y1218A Cable Tray Kit: M9018B and M9019A

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

Y1218A Cable Tray Kit: M9018A/B and M9019A


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The Y1218A is a cable tray kit designed for the M9018B and M9019A. It can be used with both the rack mount kit and the rail kit but, the rail kit is not required. The kit includes a cable tray, feet for using the chassis on a table, and attachment hardware. An M9018B or M9019A that is racked using the cable tray uses 5U of rack space. The tray is compatible with the Y1217A Rack Mount Rail Kit, the Y1215B/C Flush Mount and Y1216A/B Recessed Mount Rack Adapter kits. This tray is not compatible with the Y1270A Front Panel Interfacing Kit.