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E2667B USB 2.0 Hi-speed Host Test Fixture Kit

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Key Features & Specifications

Compatible oscilloscopes:

  • MSOX4154A InfiniiVision X-Series
  • DSOX4154A InfiniiVision X-Series


To perform the signal quality test on USB 2.0 hi-speed hosts, Keysight recommends using the E2667B USB 2.0 hi-speed host test fixture kit along with the DSOXUSBSQ USB 2.0 Signal Quality test option on a 1.5 GHz bandwidth 4000 X-Series oscilloscope. Testing hi-speed hosts using a programmed test pattern based on USB-IF standards only requires that you connect the D+ and D- signals from the test fixture to the oscilloscope’s input channels using SMA cabling along with the appropriate SMA-to-BNC adapters.