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Key Features & Specifications

Signal creation

  • Envelope waveform generation from Signal Studio LTE and LTE-A waveforms with or without Digital Pre-Distortion
  • Create/import multiple shaping tables with Shaping Table Manager and apply oversampling and filtering to envelope
  • Directly download envelope waveform to AWG with up to 1GHz sample rate
  • Dynamically adjust timing between RF and envelope waveforms

Use case

  • Testing envelope tracking power amplifier (ETPA) and envelope tracking power supply (ETPS)


  • Fixed, perpetual license (Option KFP)
  • Also available as a transportable license (Option KTP)


Option KFP allows testing envelope tracking power amplifier and power supply by generating RF (IQ) and envelope waveforms. The Envelope Tracking Control window provides an easy-to-use interface that helps you manage various aspects of envelope tracking signal generation such as shaping tables, envelope waveform generation, AWG and RF signal generation control, and adjusting the timing between RF and Envelope in real-time. Envelope Tracking Control significantly simplifies ETPA and EPTS testing.