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U5340A FPGA Development Kit for High-Speed Digitizers

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Key Features & Specifications


  • For companies and researchers willing to protect their IP signal processing algorithms
  • Beamforming and radar algorithms
  • Analytical time-of-flight
  • Lidar ranging, non-destructive testing


  • Allows integration of advanced real-time signal processing algorithm within Keysight high-speed digitizers.
  • Addresses the critical need for repeatable, predictable, and stable firmware design flow coupled with unprecedented hardware capability.
  • Direct interface to digitizer hardware elements such as the analog-to-digital converter (ADC), clock manager and memory blocks.


To help end-users focus on solution creation, the FPGA development kit includes the following elements: a library of building blocks, from basic gates to dual-port RAM memories; a set of IP cores; and ready-to-use scripts that handle all aspects of the build flow. Smooth and efficient system integration is ensured with a full-speed design example and companion software application.

All cores are based on the AMBA AXI4 standard for easy integration and efficient usage of their high-performance capabilities. Pre-synthesized and area-constrained IP cores accelerate build time and ensure repeatable results. The FPGA development kit also embeds complete calibration capabilities to ensure the unmatched analog performance of Keysight digitizers when used with end-user firmware.

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