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Key Features & Specifications

  • Remote viewing and control of FieldFox using iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch
  • Remote control emulates front panel of analyzer
  • Requires iOS 5.1 or higher
  • WiFi or 3G/4G connection required on iOS device


Option 030 adds remote control capability to FieldFox analyzers, so that FieldFox can be controlled via an iOS device. The FieldFox app, running on the iOS device, combined with Option 030 on the FieldFox analyzer provides full control of the instrument from a remote location. The app emulates the front panel of FieldFox, so users can press the FieldFox hardkeys or softkeys using their iPad or iPhone and make measurements remotely.

For example, a tower climber can be on the tower with a FieldFox analyzer, while the technician controls and makes the measurements down below, using an iPad. The iPad and FieldFox communicate via a network connection.

iOS device requirements
iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch
• iOS of 5.1 or higher
• A WiFi or 3G/4G connection

The FieldFox app communicates with FieldFox via a network connection, so both the iOS device and FieldFox need to be on a network where both devices can reach the other. For example, a company intranet or a site installation using a wireless router. FieldFox can directly be connected to a LAN cable, or if wired LAN is not available, a user supplied wireless router can be configured to work with FieldFox. FieldFox does not include a wireless router.

FieldFox app without Option 030
The FieldFox app can be installed on an iOS device independent of the presence of Option 030 on the analyzer. Without Option 030, users can view the live display screen of their FieldFox remotely, but cannot control the instrument. With 030 purchased and installed on their FieldFox, users can both view and control their FieldFox. Control refers to the ability to press hardkeys, softkeys, make or change measurements, etc.

With the remote viewer, users can access the FieldFox demo videos and technical literature such as user guides, technical overviews, application notes, and datasheets. Accessing this information via the remote viewer helps engineers and technicians in the field quickly find the data they need to resolve issues as they arise. Such capabilities also make the app ideal for training and educational purposes.

Option 030 does not include the iOS device itself. Users must supply their own iOS device. Option 030 is a license on the FieldFox analyzer.

Option 030 and the FieldFox app are not applicable to Android, BlackBerry, or Windows phone/tablet.

Installation information
The FieldFox app can be installed on an iOS device today. Visit the App Store from your iOS device, search for Keysight FieldFox, download and install the app. 

The FieldFox app will work with firmware revisions < A.07.xx in View Only mode. To operate the app in the full control mode, you need to have firmware revision A.07.xx or higher and a license for Option 030.

Download the latest firmware from

Option 030 can be added as a product upgrade.