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N9416S Scanning Microwave Microscopy

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

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Features and benefits

  • Provides exceptionally high spatial and electrical resolution
  • Offers highest sensitivity and dynamic range in the industry
  • Enables complex impedance (resistance and reactance), calibrated capacitance, calibrated dopant density, and topography measurements
  • Works on all semiconductors: Si, Ge, III-V (e.g., GaAs, InAs, GaN),and II-VI (e.g., CdTe, ZnSe)
  • Operates at multiple frequencies (variable up to 20GHz)

Keysight Technologies’ unique scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) mode combines the comprehensive electrical measurement capabilities of a vector network analyzer (VNA) with the outstanding spatial resolution of an atomic force microscope (AFM). SMM Mode outperforms traditional AFM-based scanning capacitance microscopy techniques, offering far greater application versatility, the ability to acquire quantitative results, and the highest sensitivity and dynamic range in the industry.

Keysight’s SMM Mode offers unprecedented utility for a diverse set of applications. SMM Mode’s ability to provide calibrated, high-sensitivity, complex electrical and spatial measurements is particularly useful for semiconductor test and characterization. In addition to enabling complex impedance (resistance and reactance) measurements, SMM Mode can be used to acquire calibrated capacitance and dopant density measurements when studying sidewall diffusion.

EMPro modeling software lets researchers perform electromagnetic simulations to support the interpretation of their scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) experiments. EMPro software efficiently complements SMM analysis software and permits more detailed investigations regarding 3D sample geometry, AFM tip diameter and shaft angle, and measurement frequency. Advanced SMM imaging modes and tip-sample retraction curves can also be modeled and investigated in more detail using this software.