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85555A Splitter Drive Cable 2 Meters

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

85555A Splitter Drive Cable 2M


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    85523A CalPod Controller [Discontinued]

    • Used with the PNA family of VNA products to control the CalPod calibration refresh modules
    • Provides control of up to four CalPod calibration refresh modules
    • Can control up to 48 CalPod calibration refresh modules (requires additional accessories)

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    85556A 1 x 12 Fan Out Cable Splitter

    • Used to expand the number of CalPod modules that can be controlled by one 85523A CalPod controller
    • Normally placed inside of a thermal or thermal-vacuum chamber
    • Allows one port of the 85523A CalPod controller to control up to 12 CalPod modules