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85554A 10 Meter CalPod Drive Cable Extension

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

85554A 10 meter CalPod drive cable extension


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Key Features & Specifications

  • 10 meter length
  • 12 conductors, 22 AWG wire gauge
  • Carries ± 15 VDC and 60 mA
  • Cable assembly is compatible with thermal-vacuum chamber environments
  • Cables may be cascaded to provide multiple 10 meter lengths


This cable extends the length of CalPod control cables when the distance between the 85523A CalPod controller to the CalPod modules is greater than 2 meters. It is also commonly used to route CalPod control signals through DC bulkhead connectors used in thermal-vacuum chambers. Use of this cable plus the 85556A control cable splitter minimizes the number of control lines that need to be routed through a thermal-vacuum chamber bulkhead connector.