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86122C Multi-Wavelength Meter

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

86122C Multi-Wavelength Meter

  • 86122C-100 Wavelengths 1270 nm to 1650 nm, +/-0.2 ppm
  • 86122C-021 Straight Contact Interface - PC (non-angled)
  • 86122C-UK6 Commercial calibration certificate with test data
  • R-51B-001-H Return to Keysight Warranty - 5 years


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Key Features & Specifications


  • Enhanced, stabilized HeNe reference laser with double lifetime
  • Five-year warranty included, covering entire instrument, all parts
  • Absolute wavelength accuracy: ±0.2 ppm
  • Differential wavelength accuracy: ± 0.15 ppm
  • Wavelength scan in less than 0.5 sec
  • NEW: Wavelength scan in less than 0.3 sec with fast update option


With an absolute wavelength accuracy of ±0.2 ppm and ±0.15 ppm differential accuracy, the new Keysight 86122C Multi-Wavelength Meter belongs in the top class of wavelength meters available for optical communication testing. Its wavelength range of 1270 to 1650 nm covers all fiber-to-the-home, metro and long-haul transmission systems. The instrument can measure the spectra of up to 1,000 laser lines at once, which is more than sufficient for fully populated dense-wavelength-division multiplexed systems (DWDM).

The new 86122C is an updated version of the proven 86122A and 86122B. The product is used to efficiently develop, manufacture and verify tunable transmitter lasers and optical subsystems for today's and tomorrow’s high-speed applications. For its reliability and durability, this product family is equally popular on the manufacturing floor and engineers’ benches, and it is robust enough to be installed on ships. Statistical data from a large share of the industry’s installed wavelength meters enables us to continuously fine-tune our instruments for lower cost of ownership and longer usage, particularly in 24/7 operated testing: we have extended the recommended recalibration period of the 86122C to two years, and doubled the expected lifetime of the built-in reference laser. The new Multi-Wavelength Meter comes with a five-year warranty that covers not only the reference laser, but all opto-mechanical and electronic parts. To ensure continued supportability, the 86122C is based on Windows ® 7. Front and rear panel accessible USB ports host USB flash drives for data exchange, mouse and keyboard for comfortable operation.

New Fast Update Option for the 86122C Multi-Wavelength Meter
Our flagship model, the Keysight 86122C, is now available with a faster update rate. The new option 86122C-110 accelerates the update rate from 2 per second to 3 per second. The measurement cycle time is reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds. For compatibility, the previous update rate is still available under option 86122C-100.


  • The 86122C has been optimized for lower cost of ownership and less downtime through the combination of product enhancements, 2-year recommended re-calibration period and 5-year standard warranty, all at no extra cost.
  • Just 15 minutes of warm-up time are sufficient for specified accuracy.
  • Angled-connector option is available to avoid influencing non-isolated sources.
  • Its fast wavelength scan covering the full 1270 – 1650 nm range allows you to efficiently characterize optical devices, such as tunable transmitters, versus wavelength.
  • The wavelength accuracy gives you the certainty of accurate channel characterization in dense WDM systems, to detect channel's wavelength shift and crosstalk between adjacent channels.
  • High input power level of +10 dBm (+18 dBm Safe input level) enables you to test transmitters without additional connections and instruments (e.g. attenuator).
  • The built-in applications for optical signal-to-noise ratio, wavelength and power drift allow smart stand-alone test stations, which reduces footprint requirements and costly test procedure development.
  • The built-in HeNe reference laser guarantees an accurate absolute wavelength measurement real-time determined against the standard anytime and ensures accurate and reproducible experimental results.

This product uses Foxit Reader  for Windows.

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