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PS-X10-100 8510 Network Analyzer Transition to PNA Application Engineering Service

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If you've made the choice to migrate your network analyzer system in order to realize improvements in speed and accuracy from the PNA Series of network analyzers, Keysight offers a spectrum of services that provide training, code conversion, and/or test plan design to current users of the 8510 series of network analyzers who plan to upgrade their application to the PNA Series network analyzers.

Services Customized for You

For all users of the 8510 who transition to the PNA, Keysight recommends the following training on basic usage:

  • Training on the use of the front panel interface and calibration methods: H7215A/B-203 - PNA Series Network Analyzer Operation
  • Additional application specific training is available for users of the 8510XF or 85106D whose application involves antenna measurements, radar cross section, banded millimeter wave, or single sweep 50 - 110 GHz. Contact your sales representative to determine the training best suited to you.

If your network analyzer is part of an automated system, Keysight recommends these additional services:

Keysight offers Code Conversion Assistant, a utility that typically covers 80-90% of 8510 to PNA command replacements. To complete the conversion of your test code, Keysight programming experts are available to work with you. Their service can be performed remotely on your code or can be done working alongside you. Test Code Conversion

If you want training to do your own code conversion or you need to maintain the code, Keysight recommends the following programming courses:

If you want to take the opportunity to re-do your test plan so as to take full advantage of the much greater accuracy and speed of the PNA, Keysight recommends:


  • When you need to choose a replacement for the 8510, make the move quickly and easily with the assistance of Keysight's network analyzer experts
  • Take full advantage of a faster and higher performance network analyzer solution in your application
  • Get the kind of assistance you need at a time and place you choose