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Key Features & Specifications

The W8625BP MBP/IC-CAP Bundle provides users a more complete modeling solution

  • Customize and run your own extraction routines in IC-CAP
  • Utilize the existing extraction packages in MBP for the popular devices and model types including BSIM3, BSIM4, GP, JFET, MOS varactor, resistor, etc.
  • Realize seamless data transfer between IC-CAP and MBP


The W8625BP MBP/IC-CAP Device Model Extraction Bundle is designed for the users who need ultimate flexibility and control offered by IC-CAP as well as turn-key model extraction solutions for existing and future industry standard models.

The W8625BP MBP/IC-CAP Bundle includes the components listed in the table below.

W8625BP MBP/IC-CAP Bundle Components
Model Number Product Name Description
W8501EP IC-CAP Core Environment The W8501EP IC-CAP Core Environment is the IC-CAP framework and provides data management, visualization and programming capabilities (with PEL). It includes MultiPlot & GUI studio, mathematical transforms & macros and the link to SQL Databases.
W8502EP IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis The W8502EP IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis enables analysis or simulation of device behavior using the provided Advanced Design System (ADS) or SPICE3 simulators or by linking directly to supported external simulators. The Analysis Module also includes 13 robust optimization algorithms and the Plot Optimizer.
W8601EP MBP Core Environment The W8601EP Model Builder Program (MBP) Core Environment is the main MBP platform for device modeling. It includes the extraction packages for BSIM3, BSIM4, GP bipolar, resistor (R2 and R3), capacitor (MOSVAR, MIM), diode (JUNCAP2, diode level1, 3), JFET and macro (subcircuit) model.

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