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B1525A (B1500A-A25, B1500AU-025) High Voltage Semiconductor Pulse Generator Unit (HV-SPGU)

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Key Features & Specifications

Key specifications

  • High voltage output up to ±40 V applicable for non-volatile memory evaluations
  • Frequency range 0.1 Hz to 33 MHz
  • High accurate voltage forcing with 0.4 mV resolution
  • Two channels per modules

Advanced capabilities

  • Two-level and three-level pulse capability is supported by each channel
  • Flexible arbitrary waveform generation with 10 ns resolution is supported by ALWG (arbitrary linear waveform generation) function
  • Min 5 µs voltage monitoring capability


The B1525A High Voltage Semiconductor Pulse Generator Unit (HV-SPGU) is specifically designed to meet the challenges posed by advanced non-volatile memory (NVM) testing needs.
With a ±40 V output capability, an arbitrary linear waveform generation (ALWG) function, and a built-in tri-state feature each supported independently on both channels, the dual-channel HV-SPGU provides unmatched performance that can improve write/erase cycle times by a factor of fifteen or more over that of previous solutions. Simplifies the creation of complicated waveforms via the ALWG feature and provides a means of easily sequencing these waveforms over hundreds of thousands of cycles without having to do any programming.

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