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89601AN Vector Signal Analysis Software: Floating License

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

  • High resolution spectrum analysis
  • Advanced general-purpose modulation analysis: AM/FM/PM, 2FSK to 1024QAM
  • Extensive standards-specific analysis, including LTE (MIMO), WiMAX™ (MIMO), WLAN (MIMO), 3GPP, RFID, and UWB
  • Large suite of time-domain analysis tools for burst analysis
  • Compatible with over 30 Keysight signal analyzers, scopes, and logic analyzers
  • License: Network based - facilitates many users sharing a license


The 89600 Series VSA software provides superior general-purpose and standards-specific signal evaluation and troubleshooting tools. Use these tools to dig into your signal and gather the data you need to successfully troubleshoot PHY layer signal problems.

Description General Purpose / Other Analysis Cellular Analysis Wireless Connectivity Analysis Connectivity
1xEV-DO     B7W    
Basic VSA*   200      
3G Option Bundle     B7N    
cdma2000® & 1xEV-DV     B7T    
Dynamic Link to The Mathworks Simulink         106
Dynamic Link to EEsof ADS Simulator         105
Hardware Connectivity*         300
IEEE 802.11n MIMO       B7Z  
IEEE 802.11a/b/g       B7R  
IEEE 802.16e OFDMA       B7Y  
IEEE 802.16 OFDM       B7S  
LTE FDD     BHD    
LTE TDD     BHE    
RFID   BHC      
TD-SCDMA     B7X    
Vector Modulation   AYA      
W-CDMA & HSPA+     B7U    

* Required option