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Key Features & Specifications

  • 250 MHz bandwidth
  • 12 bits of resolution
  • 100 Mpts standard memory
  • Max sample rate of 1.25 GSa/s

See your signals in HD

Precision signal viewing

  • Up to 12 bits of vertical resolution
  • Up to 3X less noise than traditional 8-bit scopes

Comprehensive measurement capability

  • Optional digital channels with MSO upgrade
  • More than 20 applications
  • Ultrasensitive current probes for a complete oscilloscope solution


The high-definition 9000 H-Series oscilloscope offers up to 12 bits of resolution, which represents 4096 quantization levels, for precision signal viewing. The 9000 H-Series’ combination of hypersampling and linear noise reduction technology achieves a noise level up to three times lower than traditional 8-bit oscilloscopes. It is specifically engineered to provide low noise and high-dynamic-range measurement capability in key applications such as medical, automotive, consumer devices, and power analysis.