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Key Features & Specifications

  • Supports R&D testing of NFC devices, smart cards, e-Passports, RFID readers and tags operating in the HF band
  • RF testing and protocol analysis supported in the same R&D test tool using the same user interface
  • No extra hardware is needed for generating, capturing and measuring signals
  • RFID and NFC devices emulation capability
  • Instrument drivers provided to allow users to develop their own test cases and test applications


The T3121S RIDER RFID HF/NFC R/D Test System is the Keysight platform for NFC and RFID HF R&D testing of contactless devices. T3121S belongs to Keysight RIDER product family and, as the T3111S RIDER RFID HF/NFC conformance test system, is based on the T1141A RFID HF/NFC Test Set.

With T3121S RIDER RFID HF/NFC R/D Test System, end user can execute RF measurements and/or Protocol analysis of contactless devices operating in the HF band. Also users can develop their own test applications programmed in VEE, LabView, Visual C/C++, LabWindows/CVI or Visual Basic.

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