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T1111S Bluetooth® RF Conformance Test System

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Officially validated by the Bluetooth® SIG for Basic Rate, EDR, 3.0 (EPC) and Bluetooth low energy
  • Supports Bluetooth low energy RF test cases
  • Supports 3.0+HS test case: TRM-14 Enhanced Power Control
  • Automatic execution of Bluetooth RF test cases without user intervention
  • Possibility of customized test cases
  • Automatic calibration and path compensation routines
  • Calibration procedures customization
  • Fully automated self-test feature


The last date to order is 30-Nov-2017. Orders must be booked by 30-Nov-2017.

T1111S BITE Bluetooth® RF Conformance Tester is a modular test system that performs automatically the conformance test cases for Bluetooth Basic Rate, EDR, Enhanced power control and Bluetooth low energy requirements. The T1111S is officially validated by the Bluetooth SIG for RF qualification of Bluetooth devices for all the technologies supported. BITE T1111S supports test reports templates customization, remote control of the system, customization of calibration procedures and automatic control of climate chambers.

T1111S integrates the Test Manager software application to control all the testing workflow, from the connection of the device under test to the tester to the final generation of the test report, including data collection, test plan generation, test execution, results analysis and system calibration.