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N7609B-VFP Add Scenario Generator for Advanced Galileo, Fixed Perpetual License

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

Signal creation with navigation mode

  • Configure and play back custom scenarios for a specific location, date, and time to simulate a stationary or moving Galileo receiver
  • Create and edit scenario files up to 24 hours in duration, or use continuous scenario generation mode for longer simulations
  • Apply elevation mask, ionospheric and tropospheric models, or antenna model
  • Edit navigation message parameters

Use case

  • Create, edit, or play back custom multi-satellite scenario files for repeatable testing of Galileo receivers
  • Use continuous scenario generation mode to simulate scenarios longer than 24 hours
  • Use the trajectory generator utility to create NMEA GGA format files containing the trajectory information to create scenarios for moving receivers
  • Convert Google Earth KML files into NMEA GGA format files with the converter utility 


  • Fixed, perpetual license (Option VFP)
  • Also available as a transportable license (Option VTP) for X-Series signal generators


Option VFP allows users to create, edit, or play back custom scenario files containing Galileo satellite signals of up to 24 hours duration, or to use continuous scenario generation mode for longer simulations. The scenario generator allows the user to specify the location, date, time, and duration for the scenario. Additional parameters can be specified or edited, including elevation mask, ionospheric and tropospheric models, antenna models, and leap seconds. Navigation message parameters such as clock correction or time conversion can also be edited. The scenario graphics display aids in visualizing the overall scenario and provides a log of any changes made when editing a scenario file. For dynamic scenarios, the trajectory generator utility allows users to create the necessary NMEA GGA files that contain the trajectory information for the moving receiver that is being simulated. Trajectory information can be imported from Google Earth KML files using the converter utility. 

Note: Option VFP has been replaced by Option UFP Advanced Galileo real-time and scenario generation, which combines the features of the previous options UFP and VFP into a single option.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.