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Key Features & Specifications

Measurement Capabilities

  • Enables PCI-SIG approved test coverage for PCIe 3.0 link and transaction layer compliance as well as BIOS testing for PCIe 3.0
  • Covers PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 3.0 protocol test cases
  • Supports PCIe 2.5Gb/s, 5Gb/s and 8Gb/s speeds
  • Uses x1 lane for PTC testing on any U4305A hardware link width configuration

Configuration Requirements

  • U4305A-021 (use U4301U-021 to upgrade an existing U4305A to PTC3)
  • U4305A with one of the following options (-E01, -E04, -E08, -E16).
  • N5316A Test Backplane if PTC is being used to test add-in cards (DUT) 


U4305A Option 021 Protocol Test Card is a Keysight third generation PCIe 3.0 link transaction compliance test tool. Designed to the requirements of the PCI-SIG®, the industry organization chartered to develop and manage the PCI Express standard, the PTC3 will provide the Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV) and Independent BIOS Vendor (IBV) with link transaction test results designed to maximize interoperability and conform to current PCIe 3.0 industry protocol specification.

Although the test cases are designed to operate at x1 lane width U4305A, the PTC3 software can be licensed to operate on the x4, x8, & x16 lane width U4305A Exerciser hardware. Option 021 test suite includes both the PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 3.0 protocol test cases.

As a means to provide a connection between the PTC3 and an adaptor card DUT, option 021 requires an N5316A Test Backplane. The Test Backplane also provides power and a clock source to the DUT. The PTC 3.0 supports PCI Express 2.5Gb/s, 5Gb/s and 8Gb/s speeds and its operating range is 0 °C to +55 °C.

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