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Key Features & Specifications


  • 0.5 to 16.0 GHz operation
  • Internal calibrated sinusoidal jitter source
  • Jittered, non-jittered delayed and divided outputs
  • N4972A-CJ1 includes two sinusoidal jitter sources, random jitter, and spread spectrum clock
  • Clock output parameters independently settable on each output
  • Low intrinsic jitter
  • Fully supported in N4980A software
  • SCPI command set for easy automation and test system integration through USB or GPIB


The Keysight Technologies N4972A clock synthesizer 16 GHz (SCS16000) is a 500 MHz to 16 GHz synthesized clock generator with calibrated high-UI jitter injection capability. It is ideal as a BERT clock source or providing stressed stimulus for jitter tolerance testing and general serial data receiver characterization.


  • BERT clock source
  • Jitter tolerance measurements
  • Receiver characterization