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E8267C-602 Internal Baseband Generator, 64 MSa Memory with Digital Bus Capability

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

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Advanced baseband signal generation
The PSG equipped with Option 602 integrates an advanced dual-mode internal baseband generator with a state-of-the-art vector signal generator to facilitate complex I/Q modulation at microwave frequencies. The high performance baseband generator combines arbitrary waveform generation (ARB mode) with sophisticated real-time I/Q symbol generation (Real-Time mode) to provide a complete baseband solution.

ARB mode provides the utmost flexibility for pre-calculated I/Q waveform playback within the baseband generator's deep memory limits. Real-Time mode employs a real-time I/Q symbol builder to generate a broad range of digital modulation formats with continuous data streams for BER measurements, without the memory constraints and lengthy waveform calculations commonly associated with traditional arbitrary waveform generation.

NEW: Digital bus capability and deep waveform playback memory
The PSG's new internal baseband generator provides digital bus capability to enable digital I/Q outputs from the PSG when used with the N5102A Baseband Studio digital signal interface module. Now, mixed-signal testing, at baseband, RF, and microwave frequencies, is easily accomplished with a single integrated instrument. The new baseband generator also features 64 megasample (MSa) waveform playback memory to accommodate the generation of long test signals.

How to upgrade
If you currently own an E8267C PSG, it can be upgraded to include Option 602 by ordering E8267CK-602.