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The Keysight USB 2.0 compliance test option makes USB signal integrity testing as simple as capturing the signals with your oscilloscope. Infiniium has significantly reduced the work associated with USB compliance testing by eliminating the need to transfer scope waveforms to a PC. The Infiniium USB 2.0 test option features run-time MATLAB embedded in the scope for use with the USB signal integrity scripts, providing a one-box solution. The USB-IF recognizes Infiniium as a recommended scope for use in compliance testing. In addition, all MATLAB scripts used with the USB 2.0 test option come from the USB-IF organization.

This option works with Infiniium 5483xB/D 4 and 4 + 16 channel oscilloscopes, the 5485xA 4-channel oscilloscopes, and the 80000 Series 4-channel oscilloscopes with the Windows® XP Pro operating system. Included with the E2683A are the USB-IF MATLAB scripts and a Signal Quality Inrush Droop/Drop (SQiDD) test fixture, needed for low/full speed testing. Additional SQiDD test fixtures can be purchased as the E2646A.

For USB 2.0 hi-speed testing, order the E2683A test option as well as the E2649A for a complete set of six hi-speed test fixtures and power supply.

For USB 2.0 hi-speed testing, a differential probe is required. Please order either the InfiniiMax 1131A 3.5 GHz, 1132A 5 GHz or 1134A 7 GHz probe amplifiers, along with the E2669A differential connectivity kit, or the InfiniiMax II 1168A 10 GHz or the 1169A 12 GHz probe amplifiers along with the N5381A 10 GHz solder-in probe head

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