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E2695A Differential SMA Probe Head for InfiniiMax probes

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Key Features & Specifications


  • 8 GHz


  • Connect to SMA fixtured differential pairs
  • Requires only a single scope channel
  • Probe cable loss is compensated since cables to the oscilloscope are not
  • Includes semi-rigid coax to change span between SMA connectors


The E2695A is an accessory probe head that plugs into the InfiniiMax 1130 series of probe amplifiers to allow differential SMA connections to a single channel of the oscilloscope.

If you need to connect SMA cables (vs. a probe) to the oscilloscope, the E2695A offers the following:

  • Connection to SMA fixtured differential pairs
  • Semi-rigid coax to change span between SMA connectors

To use with Keysight’s N6461A SD UHS-II card compliance test application, order the N6461A Option 001, which comes with one E2695A.