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N1128A-001 i3070 LED Test Box

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Measures LED color in the 400-660nm range and intensity(luminosity) in μW/cm2
  • Proprietary architecture will send digital stimuli, measure the LEDs’ color and intensity and returning results of up to 64 LEDs in less than 1.3 seconds
  • One N1128A-001 LED Test Box can test up to 64 LEDs. A maximum of four N1128A-001 can be installed in one i3070 system(requires software Rel 8.3 and greater).
  • Turns on multiple LEDs simultaneously using an i3070 patented unpowered digital test method
  • Acquires the peak, base or instantaneous wavelengths of the LED color and returning the measurement in nanometers (nm)
  • Uncompromising repeatability achieved through a shroud tube design to shield noise (ambient light) from surrounding LEDs


  • The i3070 LED Test Card delivers unparalleled performance inspecting up to 64 LEDs for color and luminosity in <1.3 seconds. The color and luminosity measurements are returned in nanometer and μW/cm2 units with accuracies of ±3nm and ±10% respectively.
  • The LED Test Box interfaces between the i3070 system and the LED Test Sensors and Mux inside the test fixture. It connects to the i3070 via LAN and the test fixture through a magnetic connector.

For more information about ict systems, please visit ICT System - Medalist i3070.