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N8823A EZJIT Complete

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

Key Features & Specifications

Decomposition of Vertical Noise into constituent components:

  • Random Noise (RN)
  • Periodic Interference (PI)
  • Deterministic Interference (dual dirac model) (DI)
  • Data Dependent Interference or Intersymbol Interference (ISI)

Estimation of Total Interference (TI) to a specified Bit Error Ratio

Cumulative Average of High(One) and Low(Zero) levels

Tabular Results of all measured quantities

Graphical Results of:

  • InterSymbol Interference per bit
  • RN/PI Histogram
  • Total (Composite) Interference Histogram
  • BathTub curve (Measured and Extrapolated)
  • Interference Frequency Spectrum

Settable location in the UI for vertical analysis

Scope noise compensation, choose between:

  • Measure noise directly
  • User input value

Arbitrary or Periodic Data patterns

Setup Wizard for robust setup 


The Keysight Technologies Inc. Noise Decomposition software for the 90000A , 90000X, and 90000Q Series Infiniium oscilloscopes provides statistical analysis of high speed digital interfaces in the vertical (voltage) domain. It is complementary to the horizontal (time) analysis that the EZJit+ jitter decomposition software (N5400) has accurately provided for years. Now for the first time, real time oscilloscopes can analyze both domains statistically with measured results that matter.