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MQA 2008.3.0 Product Release

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Model Quality Assurance (MQA)The Model Quality Assurance (MQA) 2008.3.0  software release includes a number of new features and improvements.

What's New?

  • Lib Explorer
    • Turnkey solution for full model library characterization
    • Verified by real 45nm technology models
    • Greatly reduce learning curve and improved efficiency
    • Easy model corner QA
    • Easy model comparison
  • Measurement QA
    • Quick QA for measurement data
  • Accuracy Check
    • Quick QA for measurement data with model library
  • Support SmartSpice
  • Context Sensitive Help
    • Runtime help & quick search
  • Support Hisim243, HisimHV, PSP
    • Support HSPICE level69, level68 & level73
  • Load/Save ProjectList, TreeList, ReportPrjList
    • Easily manage project tree & Project list.
  • Support compact passive model QA
    • Support diode, resistor, capacitor QA
  • Support OpenOffice 2.4


  • CheckCross, add Xstart/Xstop/Ystart/Ystop properties
    • Please refer to MQA user manual chapter 2.8
  • Improve Licensing function, smooth V10 and V11 QA/Flexlm
    • No need to hand-hold license version
  • Wrapper to startup MQA (Linux, Sunworkstaion)
    • Start MQA by path
    • No need to set MQAHOME again
    • No need to set “mqa.cshrc” & "mqa.profile”
  • "DisableBoundaryCheck = 1” disable model boundary (Width, Length) check when creating a QA project
  • Montecarlo rule improvement

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