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MBP 2008.2.0 Product Release

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Model Builder Program (MBP)The Model Builder Program (MBP) 2008.2.0 software release includes the following improvements and enhancements.

  • Engine and lib parser improved to support 45nm model library
  • Latest PSP and HISIM_HV version update
  • New powerful and flexible Measurement module
  • Task tree improved to be more efficient and robust
  • Other handy new features

Great Improvements on Internal Engine

  • Parse and tweak 45nm technology model library directly in MBP2008.2.0
  • Improve subckt model simulation capability
  • Support more HSPICE functions and elements
  • Latest model version support
    • PSP 102.3
    • HISIM_HV 1.0.2
  • Task tree speed improved

Device Characteristic Program (DCP)

  • Powerful new measurement module with more flexibility
  • Open structure provides user defined instrument driver, device type and analysis
  • Support meters, switch matrix and probe station to measure whole wafer or specific devices
  • Automatically save user inputs and internal debugging support

Task Tree Device Selection

  • A device selection window will pop up when start a task tree, user could check or re-define the device selection by MBP default such as WmaxLmax, WmaxLarray, etc for the auto extraction flow
  • To make the auto extraction flow more suitable for user’s own data set
  • Enables users to save the definition to a setting file and load for other projects

New PSP Task Tree

  • Provides Local to Global approach for PSP model auto extraction flow

IMV Pages Capability Improved

  • New target definition, expression support for restrictions
    • For example, vds=vdd/2, vds
  • New plot type, two p axis support
    • For example, p=vds, vgs
  • Other handy features

Support Extend Simulation on Both X and P Axis

Add FB Device to the Default IMV Pages with the postfix “f”

Allow Extend Simulation in IMV Pages

New Feature in Binning Model Tweaking 

  • Enables users to tweak the same parameter for a set of point together
  • In point mode, right-click on one parameter and select “select bin param”

Improved Error Table

  • Update real time when parameter changes
  • Add Relative/Absolute Error selection
  • Make the legends more clear: with second variables

Other Improvements

  • User can set the ratio for extending bin boundary when generate binning model
  • User can customize the layout by Tool > Layout > Customize
  • Add the column and row number of plot to the setup window
  • User can set the precision for model saving and simulation by the new button in the parameter window  

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