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MBP 2008.3.0 Product Release

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Model Builder Program (MBP)The Model Builder Program (MBP) 2008.3.0 software release includes the following improvements and enhancements.

MBP 2008.3.0 to Support New Model Type

  • Support Verilog-A model
  • Support reliability model MOSRA

MBP Offers Enviroment for MOSRA Device Reliability Analysis

  • HCI and NBTI aging effect
  • Embeded in HSPICE

IMV Pages

Enables users to load and use IMV configuration files directly to MBP, no need to restart MBP

New BSIM4 Optimize Task Tree

New task tree to deal with tweaked but not perfect model, the second step optimization

New Option to Disable Hard Boundry in MBP

Right-click button in parameter window

New Option to Set Parameters to Default

User Manual Update

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