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MBP 2010.3.0 Product Release

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Model Builder Program (MBP)The Model Builder Program (MBP) 2010.3.0 software release includes the following improvements and enhancements.

Internal Engine Improvements

  • Update HiSIM 251, HiSIM_HV1.21, BSIMSOI4.4
  • Support R3 and MOSVAR
  • Verilog-A supports noise simulation
  • Support Noise Figure simulation

ADS Support

  • Many new optimizers are supported and opened to users

Statistical Module

  • Support user defined targets
  • Auto extraction based on BPV (Backward Propagation of Variance)

RF Module

  • Provide solutions for RF modeling
  • Default subckt model
  • Inductor
    • Standard
    • Differential
    • 3-port
  • Build-in plots and extraction flow
  • Thermal noise simulation

Other Improvements

  • Script APIs and user interface
  • Documentation update
  • License expiration warning
  • Instance setting

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