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MBP 2011.2.0 Product Release

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Model Builder Program (MBP)The Model Builder Program (MBP) 2011.2.0 software release includes the following improvements and enhancements.

Engine Improvements

  • Supports HiSIM2 2.6
  • Supports BSIM6 Beta4-6
  • Supports BSIM-IMG 101

Feature Improvements

  • Support for loading multiple data sets
  • Put different data sets in different folders, when MBP loads these folders, all of the data in the same folder is considered to be one data set
  • Model type structure: Simulator type selection changed
  • Improved extraction flow for statistical and mismatch
  • Improved predefined statistical and mismatch projects for bipolars, resistors and capacitors

DCP Improvements

  • Added fold/unfold plot and message window button
  • Added 'measure tile' function to measure selected tile
  • Added 'copy' and 'rename' to target group
  • Device table enhancement

Other Improvements

  • Update to Statistical/Mismatch/RF demo data
  • Update to MOSVAR demo data
  • Support for BSIMCMG in Linux version
  • Show simulation point in IMV when original data is NaN
  • Supports plot range change for IMV pages
  • Shows percentage in model tweaking error

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