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Key Features & Specifications

  • The internal engine supports BSIM-IMG model version 101.0
  • Supports DC, CV and noise simulation and extraction
  • Equation Viewer enables real-time model debugging
  • Multiple optimizers are available to choose from depending on different applications
  • Model tweaking capability enables automated model retargeting for both global and binning models according to new specifications
  • Supports target-based model extraction and optimization (supports model extraction based on design specification)
  • Automated binning and corner library generation (built-in standard procedures with high efficiency)


The W8617EP Model Builder Program (MBP) BSIM-IMG Model Generation package enables Berkeley Short-channel IGFET Model - Independent Multi-Gate (BSIM-IMG) model simulation, parameter extraction and model generation. A rich set of modeling utilities ensures accurate, high quality model generation.

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