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Key Features & Specifications

  • Complete flow for stress model generation and optimization
  • Built-in template
  • User defined TCL directory to add script related files
  • Parallel simulation capability for stress modeling
  • Fully customizable


The W8611EP Model Builder Program (MBP) Stress Model Extraction package provides a complete flow for stress model generation and optimization. The user can define a target, tune parameters and generate model files.

With advanced technologies scaling down in size, device performance is showing more layout dependent effects. These layout dependent effects include Shallow Trench Isolation (STI) effect, Well Proximity Effect (WPE), Dual Stress Liner (DSL) effect, Stress Memorization Technique (SMT), Embedded SiGe (e-SiGe), etc. An accurate model is necessary in order to characterize these layout-dependent stress effects which is introduced by the process. The MBP Stress Model Extraction package can help you generate and optimize your device performance.

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