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W8610EP MBP Device Characterization Program

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Supports automated and manual measurements
  • Delivers quick, accurate and robust DC, CV, and RF tests
  • Recovery capability enables recovery of all the setup files (including device type, analysis, lab, connection, measurement group, etc.) from history
  • Built-in debugging mode enables the user to reproduce the problem for further debugging (all important program activities are recorded in the log file)
  • Supports a broad range of probe stations, meters, switch matrices, VNAs and GPIB cards
  • Open structure for customization


The W8610EP Model Builder Program (MBP) Device Characterization Program (DCP) is a flexible and powerful platform for semiconductor device characterization. It supports DC, CV and RF tests for MOSFETs, BJTs, diodes and passive devices and also enables you to setup and execute customized test plans.

MBP Device Characterization Program

The W8610EP MBP Device Characterization Program (DCP) supports the following instruments and interfaces:

  • Meter
    • Keysight B1500, B1505a, E4980, 4157, E5270
    • HP 4142, 4145, 4155, 4156, 4284
    • Keithley 236, 590, 2400, 2600, 4200, 4225
  • Switch Matrix
    • Keysight B2200
    • E5250A
    • K707
  • Probe Station
    • Cascade PA300, S300
    • Summit 12000-Series
    • Alessi 6100
  • VNA
    • Keysight PNA
    • Anritsu 37347C
    • HP 8510C
  • GPIB card
    • Keysight 82357
    • National Instruments
    • TAMS

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