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Key Features & Specifications

  • The internal engine supports VBIC model version 1.2
  • Built-in automated extraction flow (task tree)
  • Easy to modify or customize extraction flow using simple Java programming
  • Supports DC, CV, thermal and noise parameter extraction
  • Can be combined with the MBP RF Modeling Extraction package to realize complete DC, CV, and RF modeling
  • Graphic operation interface and convenient modeling utilities


The W8606EP Model Builder Program (MBP) VBIC Model Generation package includes the extraction package for the Vertical Bipolar Intercompany Model (VBIC) bipolar model. The MBP VBIC Modeling Generation package can be combined with the W8612EP MBP RF Modeling Extraction package for a complete RF modeling solution.

VBIC is a bipolar junction transistor (BJT) model that was developed as a public domain replacement for the Gummel-Poon (GP) model. VBIC improves GP in the aspects of Early effect modeling, quasi-saturation modeling, parasitic substrate transistor modeling, etc.

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