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SystemVue ESL Design SoftwareThe SerDes Model Library is used for architecture optimization of a Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) in cases where algorithmic model application (AMI) generation is not required. The SerDes Model Library contains the same functional blocks as the W1714 AMI Modeling Kit and supports all simulation models and performance metrics needed to create high performance SerDes designs for multi-gigabit/s systems.

Included in the SerDes Model Library

Included in the SerDes Model Library

The W1713 also interoperates with FlexDCA Express, a standalone version of FlexDCA, the eye pattern diagram software used in Keysight Oscilloscopes.

Mid-Channel Repeater and Optical Fiber Communication Links

In addition to conventional Tx/Rx models, these products can also model mid-channel repeaters (both re-drivers that have no CDR, and re-timers that include a CDR) and optical fiber communication link models.

The repeater and opto link parts library include the following:

  • VCSEL driver
  • Physics-based VCSEL model – use measured data to set the parameters in frequency and time dependent rate-equation model
  • Multi-mode fiber
  • PIN diode
  • TIA

Figure 1. The W1713 SerDes library now provides optical interconnect models for gigabit SerDes architectures.

Requirements and Recommended Configuration

The W1713 SerDeS Model Library requires a core SystemVue platform (e.g. The W1461BP SystemVue Communications Architect).

The W1713 SerDes Model Library is a subset of the W1714 AMI Modeling Kit, and is therefore included with the W1714. The W1713 is only necessary for additional simulation-only seats for SerDes architecture simulations that do not require IBIS AMI model generation.

Application Examples included in W1713

  • Basic AMI model
  • Parameterized response example
  • PCI Express Gen2

How do I evaluate the W1713 SerDes Model Library?


The W1713 SerDes Model Library can be added to any SystemVue environment or bundle listed below.

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