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Key Features & Specifications

Key Features of the AMI Modeling Kit

  • HDL simulators and SPICE aren’t signal processing data flow tools. With SystemVue, you can rapidly optimize the signal processing with the right tool for the job.
  • No need for slow and painful iteration at the implementation level. Implement the optimized architecture one time using the optimized SystemVue model as an executable specification.
  • AMI is a natural by-product of the architectural model. It enables fast, accurate, automatic model generation with no risky disclosure of sensitive IP to a ‘reverse engineering’ model building consultancy. The IBIS AMI wrapper ensures standard compliance.
  • No proprietary encryption. There is no need to verify and maintain multiple versions, one for each OEM’s EDA tool. Instead, the W1714AMI Modeling Kit provides ‘write once, run anywhere’ functionality.
  • Advanced functionality that goes beyond the present IBIS AMI standard to model repeaters and opto-links.
  • Generates all the files you need to ship your customer: *.ibs, *.ami, *.dll (for Windows executable), *.so (cross-complied shared object for Linux). License includes royalty-free model re-distribution rights.


SystemVue ESL Design SoftwareThe AMI Modeling Kit enables you to optimize the signal processing blocks for your Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) integrated circuit (IC) at the electronic system level (ESL). Once you’ve designed and optimized the algorithms, SystemVue automatically generates an IBIS AMI model that you can freely redistribute to your customers as an ‘executable datasheet’ to help them design your chip into their system.

Included in the AMI Modeling Kit

Included in the AMI Modeling Kit

The W1713 also interoperates with FlexDCA Express, a standalone version of FlexDCA, the eye pattern diagram software used in Keysight Oscilloscopes.

Generate Mid-Channel Repeater and Optical Fiber Communication Link Models

In addition to conventional Tx/Rx models, these products can also model mid-channel repeaters (both re-drivers that have no CDR, and re-timers that include a CDR) and optical fiber communication link models.

The repeater and opto link parts library include the following:

  • VCSEL driver
  • Physics-based VCSEL model – use measured data to set the parameters in frequency and time dependent rate-equation model
  • Multi-mode fiber
  • PIN diode
  • TIA

SystemVue and the AMI Modeling Kit

SystemVue reduces engineering effort and accelerates the maturity of SerDes designs for next- generation multi-gigabit transceivers (MGTs) in chip-to-chip serial links. It enables system architects, algorithm developers and hardware designers to investigate, implement and verify their SerDes signal processing blocks in the presence of interconnect impairment models similar to those encountered in the systems the SerDes will be designed into. The libraries give the user piece of mind that their product meets or exceeds real-world performance requirements from standards association for serial links like PCI Express and, HDMI etc.

The AMI Modeling Kit provides measurement-hardened “golden reference” models that accelerate the SerDes design and verification process. The tool puts reliable Keysight measurement know-how at the front of the design process, where it improves the actual design, instead of only characterizing nonconformity after the fact. It can be used as a parameterized reference design to create test vectors for implemented blocks, or to fill in gaps to complete a fully-coded working chip-to-chip link, so that system-level performance can be continuously monitored.


The W1714 AMI Modeling Kit requires the following SystemVue add-on module:

The W1714 AMI Modeling Kit can be added to any SystemVue environment or bundle listed below.

The W1714 AMI Modeling Kit includes the W1713 SerDes Model Library, and also adds IBIS AMI model generation. The W1713 is therefore only necessary for additional simulation-only seats for SerDes architecture simulations that do not require IBIS AMI model generation.

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