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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

N4392A Optical Modulation Analyzer Mainframe with Vector Signal Analysis Software

  • N4392A-100 C-Band Sources and Optics
  • N4392A-300 23 GHz Optical Receiver
  • N4392A-320 Extended Local Oscillator and Source Package
  • N4392A-410 Additional Optical Modulation Format Package
  • R-51B-001-Z Return to Keysight Warranty - 3 years


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Key Features & Specifications

  • Symbol rate 32 Gbaud
  • Sampling rate 63 GSa/s
  • Receiver bandwidth 23 GHz
  • Wavelength range 1527.6 nm to 1570.01 nm
  • Integrated coherent receiver (ICR) test option


Understand the real nature of complex modulated signals. award_logo

The new Keysight N4392A is an ultra-compact, portable fully integrated optical modulation analyzer with a 15’’ laptop-size screen. It is optimized for daily R&D work and designed for the most affordable performance verification in manufacturing and component test for 40/100G components, modules and systems. It is the first optical modulation analyzer that provides built-in performance verification and recalibration, extending the factory recalibration cycles significantly.

Integration of a digitizer, optics and analysis PC leads to a compact turn-key instrument. It also avoids any external cabling, making the instrument robust and easy to set up wherever needed. Despite the smaller size, the new N4392A Optical Modulation Analyzer offers a big laptop-size screen, giving you more insight in your signal for understanding and debugging your signals even faster.

The integration in a compact mid-size oscilloscope housing results in a lightweight instrument, which can be easily moved to any location in a lab or on the manufacturing floor. Operators who need to analyze and debug signals at the physical layer will enjoy this feature as well.

The N4392A is designed for best price-performance balance, achieved by combining advanced integration technologies with built-in calibration and performance verification tools. This leads to longer intervals between recalibration, extending uptime in research and manufacturing and resulting in reduced cost of ownership without leaving any doubt about the performance of the instrument.

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