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10897D High-Resolution VMEbus Laser Axis Board

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Key Features & Specifications


  • One measurement channel per board
  • Maximum 7 boards per system
  • 36-bit 2's complement
  • Resolution up to 0.3 nm with high resolution optics
  • Linear interferometer balanced velocity at 5.8 MHz split: 1.75 m/s

Operation with Plane Mirror Optics

  • Resolution: 0.6 nm
  • Working range: ± 10.6 m


  • Position update rate: 10 MHz
  • Data rate over backplane: > 100 kHz
  • Multi-board sync : ± 2 ns


The 10897D High-resolution VMEbus laser axis board provides excellent resolution of up to 0.3 nm with a high resolution interferometer. The data age uncertainty is dramatically reduced allowing extremely accurate measurement and control of moving systems.

The very high data rates accommodate high-bandwidth and high-performance closed-loop applications. Configured with appropriate lasers and optics components, the 10897D supplies unsurpassed positioning accuracy for dynamic measurement.