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U3035P-16B Distribution Network for PSG, 16-Source, 250 kHz up to 250 MHz, 10 MHz reference and 400 MHz Clock

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Sixteen 10 MHz outputs from an internal 10 MHz reference or an external frequency reference source
  • Sixteen 1 GHz outputs distributed from an external 1 GHz reference source input. The 1 GHz signal is used in conjunction with Option H1G on the E8267D PSG vector signal generators to provide phase coherency in the 250 kHz to 250 MHz range
  • Built-in 400 MHz oscillator with sixteen outputs, provides a common clock source for all baseband generators in the system
  • Height: 7.0 inches (4U) 


  • Connections: 50 ohm, SMA-f, rear panel


The U3035P Option 16B distribution network provides key reference signals for up to sixteen Keysight PSG signal generators to operate in a phase locked and coherent mode at a common frequency. By integrating the 10 MHz frequency reference and providing distribution of both the 10 MHz and 1 GHz reference signals in a single unit, cabling connections are greatly simplified.

The U3035P Option 16B is similar to the Option 16A model, adding an internal 400 MHz oscillator with sixteen outputs to provide baseband clock synchronization for each signal generator in the system.

Required signal generator options:

  • E8267D PSG vector signal generator: E8267D-H1G

This option cannot be added as a product upgrade – only available at time of purchase.