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N6461A SD UHS-II card Compliance Test Software Application for Infiniium 90000 Series Oscilloscope

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

N6461A SD UHS-II card Compliance test software application


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Key Features & Specifications

The SD UHS-II compliance test application offers several features to simplify the validation of your SD UHS-II designs:

  • Setup wizard for quick setup, configuration and test
  • Execution speed and proven test algorithm for clock test, which minimizes your compliance test time
  • User-selected tests and configurations based on SD version 4.0 specification
  • Use with J-BERT N4903B high-performance serial BERT to generate test patterns like the PRBS 2^7-1 pattern that is looped back from the UHS-II device to the oscilloscope for signal integrity test.
  • Test framework provides powerful characterization through multiple trials that show a full array of statistics for each measurement and returns the worst measurement value.
  • Offline capability to allow user to run the compliance test with saved waveform files from device.
  • Information about the SD UHS-II compliance test fixture kit is available at the Astek website: .


The N6461A SD UHS-II card compliance test software gives you a fast, easy way to test, debug and characterize your SD designs up to 1.56Gb/s. At these fast transfer speeds, signal integrity is key to reliable and interoperable performance. The N6461A SD UHS-II card compliance test software performs reference clock tests and host and device transmitter tests that let you thoroughly evaluate devices in accordance with the SD Specification, version 4.0.

NOTE: This product has a June 1, 2020 end of life and is replaced by D9010UHSC