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E5515CU-80E Hardware Upgrade Set for E5515C

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Key Features & Specifications

  • One part number, one low price brings your 8960 to current E5515E hardware functionality. Unleash the new power of the 8960!
  • Low cost: significant savings compared to individual hardware kits 
  • Software purchase required (unless you have an active E6720A Annual Contract)
  • NEW! – Protect your upgrade investment with the new 8960 Extended Warranty after Upgrade


Upgrading your 8960 just got easier! Order E5515CU-80E for your E5515C test set to get all of the hardware kits needed to bring your 8960 to current E5515E hardware functionality. Unleash the new power of the 8960 with new and improved high data rate hardware, multiple signaling and RF paths and increased headroom to support today’s cutting edge 3.5G technologies, such as 42 Mbps DC-HSDPA and MIMO. Only the following rare hardware kits are not included in the E5515CU-80E hardware set: E5515CU-614/624 (Fading), E5515CU-506 (TD-SCDMA/W-CDMA Tx On/Off measurement enhancements) and E5515CU-609 (Extra bands). If you need to enable any of this additional functionality, simply order the desired kit along with the E5515CU-80E.

You must purchase at least one software product with the E5515CU-80E (unless you already have an active E6720A annual contract for your lab application). Contact your Keysight sales representative for details on new features available today.

Note: Some early test and lab applications will no longer run after this hardware upgrade and must be upgraded to retain functionality.