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Key Features & Specifications

  • DC, CV and RF extraction for HiSIM v2.5.1 with methods for modeling high-frequency effects for MOS/CMOS
  • Robust, direct extraction procedures used to find best initial values for optimizers thereby removing the need for excessive optimization and tuning steps
  • Flexible, customizable extraction flow
  • Windows-style data visualization, optimization and tuning
  • Shared user interface environment with extraction package products available for other industry standard models including BSIM3, BSIM4, BSIMSOI4, PSP and HiSIM_HV. The common measurement module enables you to use measurements to extract any of these models


IC-CAP HiSIM Model Extraction PackageThe W8551EP IC-CAP HiSIM Model Extraction Package provides complete measurement and extraction procedures for DC, CV and RF model parameters. The intuitive, Windows-style user interface enables engineers to quickly produce an accurate model.

The W8560EP IC-CAP Hisim2 and HiSIM_HV Extraction product is also available and includes both the HiSIM2.4 and the HiSIM_HV Model Extraction Packages.

HiSIM2, an industry standard model advanced surface potential model, was developed by Hiroshima University in Japan. Earlier compact models, such as the BSIM4, were primarily developed for digital circuits and have limitations when used for analog and RF applications at smaller technology nodes. The HiSIM2 model calculates the device’s surface potential, enabling a more accurate description of the deep sub-micron physical phenomena and resulting in a more accurate description of the internal currents and charges.

CMOS Extraction Packages