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  • W8531EP W8531EP IC-CAP NeuroFET Extraction Package [Obsolete] 

    W8531EP IC-CAP NeuroFET Extraction Package [Obsolete]

    Includes measurement and extraction procedures for the measurement-based Keysight NeuroFET model. This model is suitable for FET and HEMT devices.

  • W8530ET W8530ET IC-CAP High Frequency FET Models 

    W8530ET IC-CAP High Frequency FET Models

    Includes extractions for several industry standard High Frequency FET compact models: EEFET3, EEHEMT1, Curtice and Statz.

  • W8532ET W8532ET IC-CAP Root Models Generator 

    W8532ET IC-CAP Root Models Generator

    Automated modeling procedure for DC and RF 3-terminal applications using interpolative spline fitting of S-parameters and DC data arrays over the device's operating range. Also includes extraction for Root Diode and MOS models.

  • W8532ET W8533ET IC-CAP Angelov-GaN Extraction Package 

    W8533ET IC-CAP Angelov-GaN Extraction Package

    Accurate turn-key measurement and extraction solution for the Angelov-GaN model