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 Produits logiciels rattachés

  • W8501EP W8501EP IC-CAP Core Environment 

    W8501EP IC-CAP Core Environment

    The IC-CAP Core Environment provides data management, visualization and programming capabilities (with PEL). It includes MultiPlot & GUI studio, mathematical transforms & macros and the link to SQL Databases.

  • W8502EP W8502EP IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis 

    W8502EP IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis

    Enables analysis or simulation of device behavior using provided Advanced Design System (ADS) or SPICE3 simulators or by linking directly to supported external simulators. Includes ADS linear, transient and Verilog-A capabilities.

  • W8510EP W8510EP IC-CAP Wafer Professional Measurement (WaferPro) 

    W8510EP IC-CAP Wafer Professional Measurement (WaferPro)

    IC-CAP Wafer Professional Add-on perpetual software license

  • W8520EP W8520EP IC-CAP Instrument Connectivity 

    W8520EP IC-CAP Instrument Connectivity

    Support for DC, C-V, AC, Time and Noise measurements. Includes Drivers for DC Analyzers, C-V Meters and Impedance Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Oscilloscopes and Dynamic Signal Analyzers.