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Key Features & Specifications

W8503EP IC-CAP Data Processing and Analysis (DataPro) key features include:

  • Fully integrated into the modeling flow - Select data for typical, corner and full statistical modeling. Integrates modeling flow from multi-site spot or swept measurements to final model creation.
  • Saves time and minimize mistakes - No need to export data into other tools, like Excel. It works with IC-CAP file-based data and IC-CAP SQL database.
  • Fully flexible – Built-in automatic data scoring and sorting algorithm. Selection based on spot, swept data, or both. Selection based on multiple criteria. User defined weighting of criteria possible. Choice among different error formulation.
  • Easy to use – The finding and elimination of outliers is automatic. Dies representing the corners of the statistical distribution are automatically calculated.
  • Accurate – Allows statistical analysis of full curve data vs. only spot measurements. Analyzing curve data provides more accurate information on statistical distribution.


The W8503EP IC-CAP Data Processing and Analysis (DataPro) applies Statistical Analysis to analyze measured data, identify outlier devices and dies and to select the Golden and Corner dies. It automatically imports measured data from WaferPro and the new SQL Database.

IC-CAP DataPro

First, specific targets such as gm and Id are selected and statistical analysis is applied to the population of measured devices. The target data statistical distribution can be analyzed as shown in the figure below.

IC-CAP DataPro applies statistical analysis to analyze measured data

In this phase, outlier devices and dies can be eliminated. The remaining devices and dies are then ranked on how close they are to the mean value. The typical/golden and corner dies are also identified.

Typical and corner results can be exported and used in other device modeling tools, such as modeling packages, corner modeling, etc.